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We offer discounted prices during the week to Students and Blue Light Card holders and all ours barbers specialise in all types of hair. Check out our reviews.


A bespoke haircut tailored to your style and hair



Clipper Cut

One grade all over


Trimming Hair

Skin Fade

What more can be said about the Skin Fade? Our experienced barbers understand the assignment when a Skin Fade is requested.


Hair Wash

Wash & Cut

Let's wash away the stress with our great range of shampoos and conditioners...finsihing off with a haircut of your choice.


Beard Trim

Beard Trim

One grade all over the beard


Trimming Beard

Beard Trim with a Shape Up

Let our barbers tidy and line up your beard.



Hot Towel Shave

A clean razor cut with a hot towel finish.


perm in the beauty salon.jpg

Hair Perm


Barber Tools

Epic Service

Sit back relax and let treat you with our epic service. Consists of a Haircut, Beard Trim, Nose & Ear Wax, Eyebrow threading


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