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Is a man’s look defined by his haircut/style?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

“Does hair make a man more attractive? What makes it so? What doesn’t?” - To answer these questions we should first understand the science behind the term attraction.

The science behind attraction

The thing about trends is that they are ever-changing. What is considered stylish today can be seen as outdated at another time. The basic science behind attraction is that it depends on how others perceive you. There are various factors that play into this, like social constructs, beauty standards, societal stereotypes, and more. But there is also the question of how one looks at oneself. The way in which they present themselves. With what confidence do they carry themselves? All of these belong together under the definition of attraction.

In all honesty, there are no sure ways to determine someone's attractiveness, as people are drawn to different types of people based on their looks as well as their personalities, so you shouldn't be too focused on measuring someone’s gorgeousness or beauty on one scale alone.

Does hair make a man more attractive? What do the studies reveal?

For Bald Men:

Research suggests that bald men have higher levels of testosterone. An increase in testosterone helps in

- Boosting the metabolic process of a man,

- helps their body get in shape,

- helps to build their body muscles, and

- Helps them in maintaining a healthy weight.

According to previous research done at the University of Pennsylvania, it has been found that having a shaved head makes adults appear taller and stronger. They are frequently viewed as more dominating and manly by people of the opposing gender. Additionally, these guys usually perform better in bed!

For Men Who Have Hair:

Research suggests that men with hair are perceived as "more attractive, approachable, and successful." They are considered to be younger-looking than they are and fare better in going up the career ladder as well. Even though bald men are considered more masculine than men with hair by women, men with hair have the edge in being considered attractive by their gender counterparts.

Final Verdict

Keep in mind that attractiveness as a concept has always been subjective. Whereas at one time men preferred to have long hair because it represented their status, now there’s versatility in what they prefer to have. They can keep it short, long, or even go bald. It all depends on what suits their lifestyle, their choices, their style, and their opinions.

Men with shorter hair have the benefit of convenience and style, whereas men with longer hair have the benefit of choice and care. Men who are bald can be genetically disposed to their state but can also choose to rock their scalps the same way. Attractiveness is more about how one carries themselves and presents themselves to the world.

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